Epilator design uses Voronoi pattern for better grip

Unsightly body hair can be the bane of existence of a lot of women and so hair removal tools are their best friends. We’ve seen epilators get better design and functionalities over the years but there’s always room for improvement, especially for product designers. While razors have the same basic function for both men and women, the latter would want something more beautiful and at the same time do what it needs to do which is get rid of body hair that you want to get rid of.

Designer: Gihawoo Design

Since batteries and components are getting smaller now, devices like razors and epilators can also become more portable and compact. This means product designers can come up with something more pretty and at the same time something that’s more flexible, especially for those who travel or move a lot. The Razorose design for a razor / epilator combines these elements to make this accessory more appealing other than its main function.

Even though an epilator gets smaller, it still needs to have a good grip as a razor that slips in your hands can be a dangerous thing. This product design uses a Voronoi pattern which may be familiar to those studying math and/or design. Basically, it’s a series of planes and shapes with the regions close to the seed or a cell. Basically, design-wise, it’s just patterns that will help you grip the razor better without adding to the weight of the epilator.

If you’re afraid of patterns like these though like those who suffer from trypophobia, the design would be something that will give you goosebumps or you would not want to look at at all (and if you don’t know what that means, maybe don’t google it). But if you’re okay with these kinds of shapes and patterns, then this would be a functionality of the Razorose that would appeal to you. Not only will it give you a better grip but it looks pretty too.

Since you don’t need a high-capacity battery for this (unless you need to spend longer getting rid of that body hair), you don’t need to charge it immediately. But of course, there’s an option to have a separate battery installed if the charger isn’t enough. The renders come in different colors, mostly pastel, that would appeal to most women (or men).