This crib can become a couch when your kid is all grown up

Your child won’t stay a baby forever (though some might actually wish they did), so this modular furniture concept turns that sleeping place into a seating space when the time finally comes.

Parents sometimes tend to go overboard in buying things for their newborns, which is pretty understandable given how emotions can run high over our little ones. They don’t remain little forever, of course, and there will come a time when they will outgrow everything that you have bought for them. Clothes are one thing, but physical objects like toys, baby gadgets, and cribs are harder to get rid of without feeling a tad guilty. As adults, we also have a responsibility to make sure the world remains habitable for our children and our children’s children, and being able to reuse that crib helps drive that home, no pun intended.

Designer: Vedran Erceg

Baby cribs are designed with the comfort and the safety of a baby or toddler in mind. Everything else is secondary, but that doesn’t exactly mean that nothing else can be done to give the piece of furniture a fresh spin, especially one that will extend its use long after the baby has grown up. That, of course, requires that every part of the crib is reusable, which is the proposition that the Evolvie concept is trying to make.

Just like what its name tries to convey, the crib grows with its owner to some extent. That’s because Evolvie can be taken apart, and each of its different parts can be used for a slightly different purpose. At its most basic, the crib has a flat platform for the bed, a thick mattress on top of it, and two L-shaped pieces with bars that form the walls of the crib.

When you need a slightly larger bed, however, you can use a longer platform and mattress. The sides no longer meet at the edges, so you’ll need two wooden panels to connect them, one of which can be used as a door. Spread the base further, and you have the makings of a comfortable but admittedly odd-looking sofa.

What’s impressive about the concept is that there are other configurations possible that go beyond sleeping or sitting. The sides can be turned to become the legs of the table, with the wooden doors serving as a panel for sticky notes or a wall to lean your kid’s stationery on. It can even become a teen-sized bed, presuming you’re comfortable sleeping on something that narrow.

The concept leaves the door open for the materials to be used, but wood definitely plays a big role. It’s most likely that even the bars will be made of wood but probably coated with something safe for kids. There is also plenty of room for color combinations that will keep a child’s eye occupied for years to come. The flexibility and multi-purpose design of this crib are what make Evolvie really stand out, showing that even the most special-purpose products can become so much more with enough imagination and creative design thinking.