Furniture is a Family Affair


It may be called OTT for “over the top” but it’s what’s underneath that makes this contemporary seating solution special. Under one you’ll find another, and another, and another, and yet another! This nesting chair set is a literal and symbolic family. Functionally, the set is flexible and can be easily stacked for cleaning and space saving. Various dimensions of each chair accommodate different body sizes and ages in a family. As sculpturally interesting as it is functional, it’s sure to be a conversational piece that further promotes interaction between family and friends.

The set is made of maple plywood using a CNC routing process, where 17 sheet plywood panels are cut out to profile and laminated together to form the volume. The sides are then grinded and sanded into a sculptural shape. Felt feet and carved grips are finally added to add usability to the design. Four maple leaf color accent stripes on each chair indicates personalities of the “family members” and also conveys the designer’s nostalgia for Canada.

Designer: Lynn Lin