Decibels Hearing Enhancers will let you hear every detail


People hard of hearing need all the help they can to be able to live a convenient life. Accessing information is a need, but let’s admit it is still a challenge to find the best hearing-enhancing wearables.

A team of designers was able to develop Decibels as a special set of wearables for those who do not want to wear hearing aids. Wearing one or a pair on your ears isn’t exactly comfortable, so there is a demand for a better solution. There are millions of people that need to wear hearing aids to communicate, but the fact is, not everyone has access to the right equipment.

Designers: Nick Morgan-Jones and Gray Dawdy


Decibels Hearing Enhancers Hearing Aid Images

Connecting with people can be easier with the Decibels Hearing Enhancers. The small device features designer hearing technology in a form that you will not be ashamed to wear. It’s not just an ordinary hearing aid or a medical device. People may even mistake this for an earbud.

Conventional hearing aids are usually hidden or associated with disabilities or getting old. With Decibels, such social stigma can be removed. But even if you have a problem with hearing, you don’t have to be ashamed, especially since the Decibels Hearing Enhancers are designed with a more modern and stylish look.


One of the designers, Nick Morgan-Jones, has hearing loss, so he knows the exact need to wear something more confidently. Hearing technology is more than just providing excellent audio. It should allow more people to be confident in how they look despite their physical limitations.

Decibels connect via Bluetooth and allow anyone to stream audio and hear the word. The hearing technology used is medical-grade, but the form isn’t something you will be ashamed to wear. The product comes with a compatible app that lets users measure their hearing profile. The app helps program the hearing device for personal hearing and audio needs.



Decibels will let you hear the world in full color. To achieve this, real-world sounds are enhanced. The device also offers clarity to speech to enjoy conversations like never before. The Decibels team calls these hearing enhancers and not hearing aids, but the technology is medical grade. It is designed to be seen and make ears open.

Price of the Decibels is $799, but you can reserve now and enjoy a 30% discount at $560. You can place your order for only $79. Learn more on and sign-up to know when the product will be out on the market.

Decibels Hearing Enhancers Hearing Aid Design