This miniature bookish nook holds an entire world inside a food can

Books are life. In my case, it can be literally since I live and breathe books and it is also a huge part of my livelihood. So anything that has to do with books and reading, I’m there. But what if the books are just something you can’t actually read and are for aesthetic purposes only? Well, I’m still there and would still consider purchasing or taking a look at it as any book-related design is something interesting for me. Even if it’s so tiny that it can fit into a can.

Designer: Kiyotaka Mizukoshi

A Japanese designer wanted to recreate a library and reading nook inside a can, of all places. The element of surprise is at play here since you wouldn’t expect something like that to exist in an upcycled can of tuna or something. This is actually similar to some of his previous works where he converted an electrical socket into a miniature but hyper-real tiny room. He likes to explore the expect the unexpected when it comes to his designs.

This time around, he created a Book Can where an empty food can details the miniature wonders of the most precious place for bookworms: their reading nook. Everything inside the can is meticulously designed and incredibly detailed, which is what fascinates us a lot about well-designed miniatures like this. There is a wooden parquet floor, a rug so some books can still be placed on the floor, potted plants, a small half-circle desk, a red, comfy-looking chair, and of course all the books.

The books themselves are also pretty detailed, even if no one will be able to read them anyway (maybe tiny elves?). You see a mix of different book cover colors, most of them being hardbound. In true bookworm fashion, they’re not just on the actual shelves but scattered all over the room, on the desk, on the floor, even on top of the tall shelves. There’s also a tiny ladder going into the room, as if inviting you to climb from outside the can and into this magical bookish world.

The designer spent around two weeks creating this Book Can and she shares how he was able to do it in a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube.