This modular shopping cart has space for sitting when you get dead tired in the mart

How many times have you found yourself dragging the cart in the supermarket from section to section with every corner wearing you down with unrest? Even worse, having to stand in the long queue at the checkout counter to bill your items feels like an eternity, when finally standing after you’ve been marching through the mart for a good hour or so. This mindful concept could end all our woes with a clever design evolution of the trolley which will leave no one complaining at the end of the day (or should I say shopping day).

Meet the Settley – a wheeled cart to sit on while you’re going all out with your shopping spree. The clever product is a shopping cart designed to shop conveniently and settle in the supermarket at your convenience without having to look out for a space to sit when your legs are giving way to tiredness. It’s basically a folding chair mashed right into the trolley – especially useful for people with back and leg pain, which can wear them down in the mart. No wonder this modular cart will be a god-sent accessory during peak hours at any shopping hub.

Designer: Designer Dot

Settley is a normal cart until you start feeling the urge to sit, wherein, you can use the rail system to pull out the legs of the cart to extend its length. The small chair base hanging to the one side can then be raised and hung on the other side of the leg to create a sitting space. Not only can you sit on it but also push it forward with the feet like a kick scooter but in the sitting position. After germinating the initial idea, designers pondered over the center of gravity of the cart so that it doesn’t disbalance in any given scenario. To this end, they hit the sweet spot in structural design as the gravity supports the basket and the person sitting on the rear side.

The design is also considerate of parents who come to shop with their little kids. For this, the Settley cart has an integrated retractable tray for the little one to sit on as you go around the shopping mart with utmost ease. Definitely, this concept design aims to enhance the whole shopping experience at supermarts. Once the idea goes into the prototype and then mass manufacturing stage, I’m sure most of the global retail chains will queue up to get these modular trolleys in their arsenal.