Low Wall turns a simple side table into a bookshelf

For a book lover, and let’s face it, hoarder like me, almost every space in my house is filled with books. I have a main bookshelf, shelves on my work table, bedside tables, movable storage, and yes, even the floor is littered with books. I don’t live in a big space and so I have to make the most out of my existing furniture and the floor. So if I see concept designs that will give me more ideas on where to place more of my books, it immediately catches my eye.

Designer: Leemok Studio

Low Wall is a concept for a side table that can also function as a small bookshelf for those that only have a few books to display or those like me who need all the help I can get. The table’s legs are actually pillars that go through the top and so instead of just having furniture on the side of your sofa to put trinkets, drinks, and other small stuff on, this becomes a tiny bookshelf to house magazines, books, and other stuff you need to place on the side.

The design for the side table/bookshelf is pretty simple but durable. The renders show that it can fit into a flat box, with the pillars separate from the circular tabletop. You will then assemble it by putting the “legs” through the top with the slats to fit them and create “low hills” or shelves not just on top but also at the bottom with the legs. The lower part has taller shelves so you can place your bigger coffee table-type books there while the top is shorter but can still fit the books you want at easy rich.

The designer didn’t specify what kind of wood is used for the concept design but there seems to be different shades and types of wooden finishes for the renders. It would be nice if there are options since you would want your side table to fit in with the aesthetics of your living room or bedroom. My books that are currently “unhoused” and lying on my floor and sofa would definitely welcome this kind of storage eventually.