Home Tool modular furniture is a kitchen, work area, closet space saver

When you live in a small space like condos or tiny apartments, modular furniture is something that you’re always on the lookout for. While not everything will fit into the aesthetic I’m trying to go for and some may be too expensive for my tastes, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and the “maybe someday so let’s put it in the inspiration box” things that I see talented designers and architects are putting out there. This kitchen/living room/work area module is definitely in the latter category.

Designer: studio michael hilgers

Normally when we see modular furniture, it’s meant for certain parts of the house. We’ve seen shelves and storage spaces for kitchen or work areas that also work as bookshelves and stationery storage space. There are also tons of closet space-saving furniture and systems out there. But this Home Tool seems to combine all of these things and more into a tiny package that will occupy just 0.45 square meters of your floor space.

When “deactivated” or all the other panels are closed, you’re left with two open shelves where you can place books, decorations, or even jars of snacks that you’d want to have within reach. There’s a “desk” or work area that you can bring down where you can place your laptop or you can write or study on. Under that is another pullout type where you can place wine bottles. That way you can reward yourself instantly after you finish work or a task.

There are “cabinets” on the side as well. The top ones can be storage for some of your pantry needs. The one underneath it is longer and has enough space for your coats and clothes as there are hanger areas as well. You can also place bags or shoes or other clothes there. The Home Tool has enough compartments and space to place various things that you need to be stored or displayed. But if you need to keep them all hidden and packed up, it serves that purpose as well.

This is still a product concept for now but someday, when it does get produced and I can actually afford it, I’d like to see this piece of modular furniture adorn my living room. Or dining room. Or bedroom. Whichever room has space.