A Shelf with Many Faces

Piegato-a new design by Matthias Ries, wears a coat of many colors. If ordered, you would receive a flat piece of sheet steal rack. With just a few maneuvers, you can have a shelf system in place to support books, pictures or whatever you want to display. With only two screws, the shelf can be hung on the wall in your home or office. The Piegato also acts as a magnet board. Piegato is available in black, white and selling online for $191.00 USD.

Designer: Matthias Ries [ Via: Pan-Dan ]


  • ESAGUIL says:

    1- What are the measurements?
    2- Where can I order one ?


  • Kai says:

    What is this shelf made of? I just wonder about the thin and slim connections of pieces, will it work out with heavy contain ? Thanks for your great idea.

  • jbr says:


    Exellent idea

    i propose you to create the entier line

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