Stunning Devialet Butterfly speaker concept comes with an elegant design and dual-firing audio chambers

A successor to the Phantom, this fan-made concept takes Devialet’s unique design language to new heights.

I’ll be honest, it’s been nearly a decade since Devialet unveiled the Phantom and it’s still the most beautiful speaker out there (it also still remains on my bucket list, even with its $2k price tag). However, seems like the Phantom has some competition, at least in the looks department) from the Devialet Butterfly, a fan-made concept from the mind of Carota Design. The butterfly boasts of a design that seems like a beautiful intersection between nature-inspired design and luxury design. The speaker has a soft triangular side profile, and sports audio chambers on each side. Just like the Phantom, the Butterfly has the iconic detailed speaker grille on the front, and mounts on the signature Devialet tripod for a (literally) elevated sonic experience.

Designer: Carota Design

A visual exercise in recreating Devialet’s product language, Carota’s Butterfly speaker is all about looking elegant. The speaker sports the same CMF choices as Devialet’s previous speakers, with an interplay between white and chrome, and is even designed around the same architecture as the Phantom, with reverberating radiators on the left and the right, while a full-range speaker sits on the front, right behind Devialet’s signature grille.

Unlike the Phantom, however, the Butterfly is a delicately designed speaker that can only be mounted on a tripod. The lack of a flat base means the Butterfly can’t quite be kept on tabletops, although the slender legs of the tripod definitely help maintain the illusion of a butterfly with delicate legs. Carota Design also rendered the beauty in red and leather-trimmed finishes, although I’d really like to see one in all black!