Composting The Easy Way

I want to compost but something about the process turns me off. The idea that there’s rotting garbage in a plastic bin on my lawn goes against every thing I deem to be “designed” about my life and to a lesser extent, my yard. Enter the KOMPOST – a ceramic cylinder you bury half way into the ground. Dump your organic matter into the top and thanks to the easy access holes, our friends the worms will turn your garbage into rich compost.

Designer: Kellee Kimbro


  • John says:

    very nicely presented

  • rick says:

    does this container come out of the ground, allowing me to pour it onto my garden? surely i do not have to use a shovel to dig the compost out of this thing. And by the looks of the cylinder, i would need a post hole digger at that. back breaking work…

  • Sean T says:

    So it looks like it stays in place, and the compost distributes naturally underground over time…so if you generate a lot of waste, you’d need more than one…? I didn’t see any specs regarding dimensions other than the 3/4″ holes for the worms…

  • Juan says:

    Great idea! Makes composting easy!

  • Jimmy C says:

    Sounds good to me!

  • Tamara says:

    Good job

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