Candy-designed coffee table is perfect for your sweet tooth

Whoever invented candy (apparently the Egyptians according to Google) has the gratitude of sweet-tooths forever. There are tons of options, brands, and flavors out there and as long as you eat them in moderation, you should be good. I still have a fondness (sometimes too much) for these sweets but since medically I have to regulate eating them, I can only stare at them from a distance most of the time now. A table with candy wrappers is a sight for sore eyes but may also be too much of a temptation for me.

Designer: ServedSweett

The Original Candy Coffee Table is exactly as it sounds, a table that is designed with actual candy. I thought it was just candy wrappers at first but it looks like the design includes “actual” candy. Of course they’re not real, real, more like decorations but based on actual candy. The table is made from resin with a the top smooth as glass. The edges are not perfectly smooth and there may also be some bubbles inside the resin but it does look like a sweet wonderland when you see it.

What also makes this unique is that each creation is handmade and unique as what candy is placed inside depends on the stock availability. Customers can also make requests as to the “theme” of the candies like if you prefer to just have pastel colors or if you want it to have lollipops predominantly. Since it is handmade, it takes around 3-4 weeks to make and delivery after that may be a couple of weeks later.

The table is pretty huge as well, 44 inches long, 22 inches wide, 19 inches tall, with the top about 1.5 inches thick. When delivered to the customer, the base will have to be assembled by drilling screws into it. It seems to be pretty heavy and sturdy but the designer doesn’t advise for you to sit on it. And I would prefer to look at the table anyway rather than to sit on it. When you move the table, the candy actually moves and you’ll hear it.

This is definitely something that looks like it would fit right into a playroom but if you’re a known candy lover, it will also fit in your living room. Of course, things like these, especially since it’s handmade, costs a lot but maybe if you have the budget for it, it would be worth it.