Made From Cork, This Rocking Chair Is A Sustainable And Minimal Furniture Piece For Your Home

2020 was a life-altering and drastic year, and 2023 has been the year we get to redeem all our careless mistakes of the past and start living more consciously and sustainably. We cannot ignore the needs of our planet anymore, we need to take the environment into consideration, and what better way to start doing that than from our own homes? Sustainable furniture is taking the design industry by storm, they’re a step towards making our homes and our daily lives more eco-friendly and sustainable. They’re an attempt to cast aside toxic materials, and instead, add furniture designs to our home that won’t rot away on Earth for years once we’re done with them. And, one such furniture design is the Gago rocking chair by Dam.

Designer: Dam

Portuguese design brand Dam just unveiled a cork-clad rocking chair to celebrate 10 years of its existence. The unique-looking chair is inspired by seaplanes! When you look at the Gago rocking chair, it instantly brings to mind the rounded shape of an aviator’s helmet, which is an ode to the first successful crossing of the South Atlantic Ocean by a Portuguese pilot in 1922. On the back of every chair is a label that says “1922, 8383km”. The number represents the milestone journey between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro.

What makes the chair sustainable is that the exterior shell is built from natural cork. The material was selected for its sustainability, softness, and antibacterial properties. The interior of the seat is upholstered in Burel fabric. Burel is made from wool. “Both fabrics are 100 percent Portuguese materials, 100 percent natural, environmentally friendly, and durable,” said Dam.

Other features of the chair include the base which holds two rockers that can be built in ash, oak, or walnut, and finished with a clear varnish. The Burel fabric is available in five color options such as – Serene Beige, Sleepy Green, Deep Blue, Fond Orange, and Luxury Red. The various material and color options make the Gago rocking pretty customizable, so you can personalize it according to your personal taste and preference, allowing you to create a chair design that perfectly complements your living taste and your personality.