Realize the Stud

It’s more than just a stud, it’s two studs. Right here we’ve got a table and chair set by the name of “Stud.” It’s heavy on the stud, easy on the sitting at the table chilling out, fabulous on the eyes. This Stud refers to a small button or earring in that together, the stud chair and table appears to be wearing tiny earrings itself! Designer Cho Hyung Suk aimed here to create a chair composed of only one module. Here it is. Stay seated.

You’ve only got one bending module. Thus, you’ve got a lovely place to sit and/or one lovely place to place your drink. Sit on both buttcheeks though, you can’t be avoiding that.

Made of steel and bent wood.

Chair; 550*560*670(H)
Table; 430*550*350(H)

Designer: Cho Hyung Suk

Stud table and chairs by Cho Hyung Suk







  • reality says:

    i think the bent ply has been done in the past and done alot better than this. charles and ray did this or should i say did alot better than this 50 years ago.
    oh on the design just dont sit back to either side as you would tip over.

    • brian t says:

      Agreed – I can’t see anything of this sort without thinking of Eames. The inclined chair back will be a problem with the wood, you’ll be slipping out of the chair!

  • Tofu says:

    its interesting how the designer put 4 legs on the ottoman but only 3 on the chair… shouldn’t it be the other way around… or in reality you probably need 4 legs on both.

    i think you guys might be missing the point with the bent ply, all 3 pieces are the same only with different secondary operations… so i guess it would be a save in manufacturing. yes its pretty unimpressive compared to eames, but thats eames we’re talking about, this is probably still student work.

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