This mountain-shaped household appliance is designed to visualize the journey of a seven-day workweek

Mt. Week is a household clock appliance that takes the shape of a mountain to visualize the journey of a seven-day workweek.

There are few things more universally exciting than reaching the weekend after a long, arduous work week. It’s like reaching a mountain’s summit after spending the morning and afternoon traversing its trails and footpaths. There’s nothing like that first gulp of water, overlooking the valleys and tree canopies below, or that first cup of coffee on a slow Sunday morning. Taking the mountain motif to its ultimate end, a team of designers conceptualized Mt. Week, a cone-shaped clock appliance that denotes the motions of a week’s journey.

Designers: Minsu Kim, Yoonjeong Lee, Seunghyun Ko, Gyeongah Hwang, Hyunmin Kim

Inspired by the shape of a mountain, Mt. Week takes the form of an upside-down triangle for its time-controlled magnetic sphere to wind toward the appliance’s apex.

Separated into seven even parts, the cone represents the seven-day week and the magnetic sphere represents our timed journey through the week. Comprised of three main components, Mt. Week keeps an integrated digital clock to its side to indicate the time of day, while a magnetic sphere traverses the course of seven equal portions.

Describing the device’s time-controlled modules, the designers describe, “Mt. Week is divided into seven areas, representing a week’s journey. The sphere climbs the mountain diligently [on] weekdays and descends with ease during the weekend.

Users will find themselves excited while watching the sphere moving towards the weekend.” A built-in magnetic rail traces the cone’s surface for the magnetic sphere to latch onto and follow. As the cone rotates, the magnetic sphere signals to the user which day of the week it is while the clock displays the time of day.

The integrated magnetic rail mimics the curving nature of trailheads.

When users place the magnetic sphere at the top of Mt. Week, the magnetic rail positions it to its correct positioning. 

Operated via a wire connection, all users would need is an outlet.

Even when not in use, Mt. Week offers a touch of minimalist elegance to any office or bedroom.