This drying chamber for cats acts like a feline-friendly sauna and doubles as a cat tower

Dmuse is a sauna-like drying chamber for cats to have a comfortable place to dry themselves after a bath.

We do a lot for our cats. They’re temperamental little creatures, so making sure they’re comfortable is our responsibility as cat owners. Along with the many duties that come with being a cat owner, bathing cats that might need some assistance in that arena is a big one. Whether due to arthritis or old age, some cats can’t bathe themselves the way nature intended them to, which means it’s our job as their caretaker.

Designer: Designer Dot

While getting cats into the bathtub for cleaning can feel like pulling your own teeth, it’s only half the battle. Then comes the water and we all know how cats deal with that. Take that in addition to drying your cat in a towel and you’ll end up with scratches and tooth marks up and down your arms. Introducing Dmuse, Designer Dot created a drying chamber that doubles as a cat tower as a solution for cats to have a more comfortable way of drying themselves.

The drying chamber itself appears like a traditional drying machine, complete with a convex glass covering and internal heat funnels. Users can operate the drying chamber from a digital control panel located along the rear of Dmuse’s drying chamber. Similar to a drying machine, users will find a collection of control options that manage the device’s temperature, strength, timer, and heat fan.

Unlike a drying machine, Dmuse’s drying chamber is not entirely enclosed as its equipped with a ramp entrance for cats to come and go as they please. Within the same vein, Dmuse doubly operates as a cat tower for cats to rest and play even when they’re dry.

Shaped like a triangle, Dmuse is broken down into three different sections: play, dry, and stay. The play area is defined by the entrance ramp that comes with felt covering for cats to tread upwards with the help of friction and to have a scratching pad within paw’s reach at all times.

Then, the drying chamber remains at the top of Dmuse and is characterized by its globular shape and convex glass covering, making the chamber as large as possible for cats to feel comfortable. Just beneath the drying chamber, cats can find a resting perch on the ground level where they can take a nap following their bath and sauna.

Once the drying chamber is plugged into an outlet, the sauna is ready for use. 

Ideated in an array of different colors, Dmuse can fit into any modern living space. 

An integrated lift is built into the ramp to ensure cats have the assistance they might need to access the drying chamber. 

Overall, Dmuse maintains a triangular shape, but the drying chamber finds space through a globular build. 

The control panel is conveniently located at the entryway, near the top of the ramp.