The world’s first 4-in-1 Mop Vacuum Cleaner uses hot water to efficiently deep-clean floors

Ask any household and they’ll tell you the secret to spanking clean floors. Simply sweeping/vacuuming your floors doesn’t get the job done, just the way simply wiping a plate after eating in it doesn’t make it clean. Like with your plate, your floors need to be washed too. I don’t mean turning your house into a slip-n-slide, I mean wet-mopping. Every Indian household has a two-step cleaning process – first, sweep the dust away, second, take a wet mop (often combined with a chemical cleaning agent) and wipe your house clean. The OSOTEK HotWave wants to bring that same two-step cleaning process to all houses. Designed to have a wet and dry mopping feature, OSOTEK is the world’s first 4-in-1 mop vacuum cleaner with a built-in water heater that efficiently wipes/mops and de-odorizes your floor in a way that’s just as effective as a floor disinfectant, yet without any of the chemicals.

Designer: OSOTEK Team

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The OSOTEK HotWave makes cleaning ‘intelligent’. It single handedly handles vacuuming, mopping, self-cleaning, and self-drying. All you really need to do is remove the OSOTEK HotWave from its dock and use it the way you’d use a standard vacuum cleaner. Once you’re done vacuuming and heated water-mopping, the smart dock takes over, restoring your OSOTEK HotWave to its cleanest state for the next time you need to use it. In a move comparable to ‘Who watches the Watchmen’, the OSOTEK HotWave actually cleans itself after each use, so you don’t have to.

The phrase ‘intelligent cleaning’ isn’t just some marketing catchphrase. The OSOTEK HotWave is quite literally a smart cookie. It comes equipped with an infrared sensor that can detect how dirty your floor is and adjust the suction power automatically in real-time. This, in effect, reduces your need to constantly run the vacuum over a spot to clean it. The variable suction power intensifies when the OSOTEK HotWave detects more dirt, and reduces when your floor is relatively dirt-free, saving you energy while also conserving battery.

The Osotek HotWave even has a built-in ‘superthermal’ heater that heats the water inside its tank up to temperatures of 197°F or 92°C for mopping. Designed to work equally well on marble, vitrified tiles, and on hardwood floors, the Osotek HotWave’s hot-water mopping feature works on spills, stains, grease, etc. to clean out even the toughest marks, leaving your floor more spotless than a conventional vacuum cleaner.

It comes with two water tanks – a 750ml tank for fresh water, and a 640ml tank for used water that gets sucked right back into the mop once it’s done cleaning your floor. What about solid waste? Well, the OSOTEK HotWave filters dust/dirt/debris and other solid matter out, storing it in a separate compartment for easier cleaning.

Based on how clean or dirty your space is, the OSOTEK HotWave offers 3 modes of use – the Turbo mode tackles heavy dirt such as grease and sauce in the kitchen; the Automatic mode is ideal for daily residue and stains cleaning in the living room; and the Water-absorbing (or suction) mode is calibrated to handle all dust and dirt around the house and water absorption in the bathroom.

Once you’re done cleaning your space, the OSOTEK HotWave does a second round of cleaning… this time, however, it cleans itself. Designed to serve two important purposes, the OSOTEK HotWave’s self-cleaning and self-drying functions help maintain your mop so that you don’t have to, but more importantly, it prevents odors, molds, and bacteria formation caused by a dirty, wet mop-head (the OSOTEK HotWave uses hot 58°C air to quickly dry the mop head, preventing bacteria formation). In turn, once the OSOTEK HotWave self-dries, it can easily be used again to clean other parts of your house.

The OSOTEK HotWave comes along with its own intelligent base station that handles pre-cleaning and post-cleaning tasks while also charging your OSOTEK HotWave mop. The base station comes with a 3000ml water reservoir that helps replenish and refill the tank in your OSOTEK HotWave up to 4 times over, helps with heating the water up, and even assists in the OSOTEK HotWave’s self-cleaning and self-drying activities.

Designed to be compact, efficient, and intuitive, the OSOTEK HotWave sports a 4000mAh battery that gives it 35 minutes of run-time. If and when the battery runs low, the cleaner uses voice prompts, telling you to recharge it. The OSOTEK HotWave comes with 9 built-in languages that power its voice prompts, and the cleaner gives you constant status updates on the OSOTEK HotWave’s functions, battery, temperature levels, and cleaning status. For good measure, it comes with an LED display too.

The OSOTEK HotWave is priced at a respectable $499, putting it in the same range as other vacuum cleaners (even the high-end ones from Dyson), although it sits in a class apart as the only 4-in-1 mop vacuum cleaner to have a built-in water heater as well as self-drying and self-cleaning capabilities. It comes with an ergonomic design and a long telescopic handle that’s easy to use and maneuver, along with an intelligent base station that not only charges/cleans/maintains your Osotek HotWave, but it also acts as a storage unit for extra accessories like new mop-heads. The OSOTEK HotWave is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, while simultaneously beginning mass production to roll the device out to backers.

Click Here to Buy Now: Mop Vacuum Cleaner & Cleaning Kit for $519 $949 ($430 off). Hurry, less than 32 hours to go!