Frolic makes it super easy to create your dream ice cream, be it fat-free or vegan

You don’t have to worry too much about your figure or your health if you can make the perfect ice cream that suits your tastes and your diet.

Very few people will probably say they don’t like ice cream, and a lot of those that don’t favor the cool, soothing dessert probably do so for reasons not directly related to the ice cream itself. It might be because of calories or the ingredients used to make the ice cream. It might also be because they don’t like the flavors available in the market. What if you could craft the perfect ice cream made just for you and in just two minutes? Will that be enough to break down the barriers of resistance? That’s what Frolic is proposing using a familiar pod-based system popularized by the Keurig coffee maker.

Designers: Joseph Collins & Yuri Gallegos of Frolic

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Comparing Frolic to Keurig is both a source of pride as well as a disservice. On the one hand, it describes how simple, fast, and convenient the process of crafting your own ice cream at home can be. On the other hand, it greatly downplays the innovation involved, the quality of the product you get, and the freedom to really go to town with the flavors you want to use.

Right from the start, you get to choose one of three types of pods, available in vanilla or chocolate bases. Both classic and fat-free Lite pods use 100% grass-fed dairy, while the dairy-free Vegan uses coconut milk. You then drop in the flavor you want, like fresh fruits, nuts, cookies, really anything you can think of. Your taste buds and stomach will be the judge of your creation.

Frolic atomizes these large chunks and blends them into the pod mixture to create a smooth and creamy ice cream that your tongue will think came from a top-end ice cream shop. All of that in just two minutes! Actually, Frolic does even better than these mass-produced (not to mention unhealthy) confections. By using ice crystals that are 10x smaller than store-bought ice cream, Frolic ice cream freezes faster but doesn’t get hard when stored in the freezer for long periods of time.

Making homemade ice cream has always been a dream of many dessert lovers, but the work and time required have always been a huge obstacle. That’s not to mention requiring special-purpose equipment or containers to really match the output of professional ice cream makers. By the time you’re done even just thinking about those, you might have already given up and just ordered a tub on your phone.

Frolic makes crafting ice cream just as fun as eating them. And this time, you wear the chef’s hat and get to decide what you want to put inside, which is great for counting calories or making sure your dessert is 100% vegan. Even better, it’s not as expensive as you might presume for such an innovative machine. The Frolic will retail in June for an MSRP of $449, but you can grab one right now for $389, which already includes two pods. Additional pods will be priced at $7 each, but there is also a subscription that brings that price down to $6 per pod.

Click Here to Shop Now: $389 $449 ($60 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!