GOGO Ride Sharing System for Chicago lets you choose other passengers

The future of an autonomous world may be possible with inventions, innovations, and ideas like this. The GOGO Ride Sharing is a concept that is designed especially for the commuters of Chicago. However, if this becomes a success, it can also be implemented in other states and even countries.

The designer’s idea may be four years old, but it can still be used, especially during this pandemic. This actually reminds us of the Ford Clint Autonomous Vehicle Interior. This time, we see an autonomous ride-sharing service that includes an app and a modular interior for future vehicles.

Designer: Conner Stormer

GOGO Ride Sharing Details

GOGO Ride Sharing System Concept

The system requires users to use and access the Gogo app. Your frequented locations are saved automatically within the app. This allows easier access for faster use during future rides.

Within the GOGO app, you can also view the places of your friends, family, and other contacts. In addition, you can check out new connections by linking with other social networks. The more contacts and connections, the more the app can remember and provide information that you need.

GOGO Ride Sharing Information

GOGO Ride Sharing Concept

The app lets you customize passenger preferences. For example, riders can control and check who they will be paired up with. Usually, like most ride-sharing apps, Gogo connects riders that travel similar routes. Users can also select to add passengers as potential ride buddies. You can set your profile to private if you want more privacy and security.

The modular interior also allows a more customizable commuting experience. It comes with a monitor table that can hold up to the wall when you don’t need it, allowing riders to sit back and relax simply. The interior system also provides the commuters peace of mind as their stuff is secured and safe.

GOGO Ride Sharing System

There are individual rail-mounted seats that slide together. The system creates a shared space for pairs or a group of four. For easier identification of one’s seat, there’s LED lighting in the seat landing on floor panels.

GOGO Ride Sharing Designers

The GOGO Ride Sharing Serving is ideal for a night out with your friends or business meetings on the go. The modular interior allows riders to configure the seats, while the mobile app will enable you to choose if you want to share the ride with another passenger or more. Ridesharing actually has benefits including the freedom to be entertained on your own (play games, surf the web, watch a TV show), meet new people, be productive by preparing for work or catching up on the news, and efficiency. Ridesharing is also good for the environment, your expenses, and traffic.

GOGO Ride Sharing Concept

GOGO Ride Sharing System Concept

Concept GOGO Ride Sharing Design

GOGO Ride Sharing Designers