Improving indoor wellbeing in a stylish manner!

At first sight, this device may leave you wondering what its purpose is. Is it a speaker? A wireless Charger? A Smart Hub? Well if you guessed any of these then you would be wrong. Matteo is in fact an extremely attractive air purifier. Designed to subtlety enhance indoor wellbeing, it increases the quality of the air in the compact urban home environment. So, interesting form aside, what else sets it apart from the crowd? Well, concealed within the rounded externals is an intelligent hub that allows the device to adapt the smart cleaning cycles to best cater to the everchanging environment that it is placed within!

Like any product that is destined for a life within the home, its aesthetic had to be considered in great depth; the minimal, playful shape combined with the subtle surface detailing, leads to a beautiful design language that really sets this product apart from the rest!

Designers: Marius Kindler, Viggo Blomqvist & Anna Hing in collaboration with Electrolux