La Boite Concept showcases high-fidelity turntable and loudspeaker at M&O 2022

When it comes to timeless audio accessories like loudspeakers and hybrid turntables, La Boite Concept knows how to please the end-user. Their two latest handcrafted creations spotted at the M&O 2022 event are proof of that fact.

Home audio and eye-pleasing aesthetics go hand in hand – ask all the designers out there who are chasing that perfect-looking audio accessory for modern homes without compromising on the acoustic performance. French audio brand La Boite Concept has sustained this pursuit for high fidelity audio with their 80 years of persistent know-how of acoustics, and their ergonomic turntable and loudspeaker showcased at the Maison & Objet is a living example. Thankfully we got the chance to explore the LX X turntable and PR/01 loudspeaker at the event.

Designer: La Boite Concept

LX X turntable

First up the LX X turntable shaped like a secretary desk is tailored for musical bliss from vinyl, Bluetooth or other digital and analog inputs. The audio-cum-furniture accessory doesn’t have any visible cables thanks to the hatch which conceals them from out of sight. This high-performance audio system having the Wide Sound 3.0 tech comes with or without the built-in turntable option, but I’ll take the vinyl playing one, any day!

Apart from the sublime audio, the turntable boasts a very bold woodwork on the emblematic X-shaped cabinet designed by the brand’s reliable local partners and designer Samuel Accoceberry’s blueprints. Attention to detail in every aspect defines this beautiful piece of audio equipment which is no less than a true piece of contemporary furniture.

PR/01 Loudspeaker

The other one spotted at the event in Paris is PR/01 compact loudspeaker for pure audiophiles who can’t go even a day without listening to their favorite tunes. This elegantly designed speaker produces very clear and thumping low frequencies that is a testament to the design prowess of the brand. This loudspeaker is a result of seven years of R&D, resulting in a patented Active Pression Reflex technology that’s capable of producing high fidelity audio in such a compact package.

To put it very simply, the PR/01 is a speaker, charging station and multimedia hub all packed into one. La Boite Concept claims that the materials used in the making of this elegant loudspeaker give it the confidence to last a lifetime of use. Definitely, the audio accessory is ideal for modern homes, whether you sport it on your bedroom cabinet or on your living room shelves.