Holy Driver

You’ve been down too long in the lost-bits sea! Tom Murray’s Ring Driver’s got all the bits you need attached. See what I mean? Superb simplicity for college students or people on the move; people who only need the bits necessary for those easy-to-contstruct furniture pieces who’d love to have it all in one solid hand-held tool.

With a simple “innovation of the screwdriver” goal in mind, Tom Murray took time to explore many different drafts of new and “memorable” screwdriver models. What he came up with was what it often turns out to be in these situations; that is, the most simple-seeming concept.

While the long-skinny aspect of a normal screwdriver is gone, this Ring Driver has no more blunt a nose than a power-screwdriver has. Some of the drafts show the handle being detachable, allowing for more bits to be added or subtracted from the ring, allowing for different sets for different jobs.

Barring the inability to choose which color I can get: on my belt it would go.

Designer: Tom Murray