Dust Box lets you clean your house in an old-school design

Living in a relatively small apartment, I have no need for a full vacuum cleaner as it takes up space and is also not that easy to maneuver at times. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for good handheld vacuums or robot vacuums that will make it easier and more convenient to clean my place. Design is not always a consideration unless it does help in the cleaning process. This product design for an old-school-looking handheld vacuum seems interesting, although I’m not sure if it does add extra value to how it will clean the room.

Designer: Fernando Maldonado

The Dust Box doesn’t exactly look like any of the current handheld vacuums in the market as it gives off a classic look with its boxy shape. It is intentional as they’re going for the old-school look of vacuum cleaners that we might have used in the 80s or 90s, except that this one is not attached to a bigger body. At first glance it looks like a container of some kind and in a way, it is indeed a container of all the dust, trash, and small particles around the house.

We don’t have much information about this product concept and we can base our “review” only on the photos provided. It seems to have all the basic parts you will need for a basic vacuum cleaner. A handle to carry it around, a nozzle to pick up all the trash, and a box to store up all these and then eventually dump them out. The nozzle doesn’t seem to be that flexible so I don’t know how it will be able to reach under the sofa and in some crevices where you need something a bit softer or longer.

What this design does bring is much more room to store the dirt and trash, something that’s missing from a lot of the more modern vacuums. I constantly have to open, throw out, and start cleaning all over again several times, using my hand held vacuum. What I don’t know is if that box is just for storing trash or if the other mechanisms for the vacuum is there and then just a small space for the dirt. All I know is that the Dust Box seems simple enough to use, a requirement for a lot of us who don’t have patience for all the bells and whistles that some cleaning devices have.