This camper trailer expands to sleep 4 people and haul all your outdoor gear with it 

The GO Camper is a towable, lightweight camper that can attach to vehicles of any size, even a Mini Coop.

‘Tis the season for camping. The frost is gradually melting and the sun is coming out, it’s about time we pitch our tents and load up on some propane. Different destinations call for different camping equipment. While a trip to Olympic National Park will require, heavy-duty, waterproof shelter, you won’t have to worry about the rain on a trip to Joshua Tree in southern California.

Designer: SylvanSport

SylvanSport, a USA-based, outdoor adventure goods company, developed their GO Camper to brace all elements while also providing an accessible and versatile living space while getting off the grid for a bit. Described by National Geographic Adventure as the “Coolest. Camper. Ever,” the GO Camper is a super lightweight, towable pop-up tent camper that can accommodate up to four people.

The creatives at SylvanSport care about providing accessible outdoor equipment first and foremost, so the GO Camper has some pretty handy perks. Towable by design, the GO Camper can be attached to vehicles of all sizes, even the tiny Mini Cooper. When campers are ready to set up camp, the GO Camper also comes with all the accessories needed for seamless assembly.

When attached to your car, the camper trailer can also hold an ATV or bikes inside the multi-height trailer bed. Kayaks and additional bikes can also be fastened to the roof rack for extra storage. When campers are ready to deploy the tent, the GO Camper folds out to provide two beds, two benches, and a table within an interior space that comes with 6 feet and 6 inches of headroom.

Included with the GO Camper, an equipment rack provides extra space to keep all the accessory equipment that will make maximize any camping trip adventure. Since the tent is waterproof and spacious, it’s the ideal place to konk out after a long day of river rafting or kayaking. Internal airflow keeps campers cool and prevents the muggy feel that comes with other tents on the market.

Each GO Camper comes included with one equipment rack, one crank handle, eight frame pins, one tent pod, three tent poles, two panels for sleeping, four sleeping pads, four support poles for the bed, two table panels, one gear deck, one tailgate step, one tailgate bungee, one storage box, two storage box keys, one stabilizer jack rod, and four ratchet straps.

When unloaded, the camper weighs 840 lbs.

The GO Camper has a maximum standing height of 77 inches.