Bejeweled Indian Bridal Sneaker concept is an exquisite fusion of sneaker design and traditional culture

Inspired by Indian bridalwear, the ‘Indian Bridal Sneaker’ bridges the gap between traditional garb and modern fashion, creating a sneaker that’s uniquely beautiful and complementary to a bride’s clothes yet equally comfortable.

An Indian wedding isn’t a low-key affair. Spread over days (sometimes even weeks), the wedding happens amidst great fanfare with loads of events, food, people, decor, and most importantly, garments designed to make the lucky couple look like royalty. This approach, however, comes at a price, especially for the bride. Any bridal lehenga worth its salt is an incredibly heavy and uncomfortable garment. As stunning as it looks, it’s equally difficult to wear over long periods of time, given the layers, fabrics, details, etc. In an effort to make it easy to walk around in such garb, modern brides have rejected high heels and ornate footwear for more comfortable and flexible sneakers. While the sneakers don’t particularly match up to the ornate fabric-work on the bridal lehenga, designer Ishan Verma decided to give the sneaker a fitting upgrade to allow it to match the lehenga’s dazzling design, while still being comfortable enough for the bride to stand and walk around in.

Designer: Ishan Verma

A closer look at the sneaker’s design shows how incredibly detailed it is. Designed to match the showstopping appeal of a bridal lehenga, the sneaker uses the same lehenga fabric along with a few special ornate leather trims. The overall color scheme follows a classic maroon/gold palette often seen with Indian bridalwear, and the golden ‘zari-work’ (metallic embroidery) and sequin-work on the shoes are beyond exquisite, allowing the sneakers to be a deserving part of the bridal ensemble. The Indian Bridal Sneaker concept is just a concept for now, but I can only imagine this industry picking up in the future!

The traditional bridalwear-inspired sneaker design also won first place at Adobe Substance 3D Designer’s The Great Shoecase Contest.