This alien-like speaker concept is perfect for your PC gaming rig

PC gamers give the design of their desktops, keyboards, and mice a lot of attention, so there’s really no reason why their speakers should look out of place on a dark and futuristic-looking desk setup.

The stereotype of a gamer, specifically a PC gamer, involves a person who hides inside the darkness of their room with only the monitor as the source of light. Other than promoting a lifestyle that will be harmful to the eyes, this stereotype actually leaves out one crucial aspect of the PC gaming lifestyle. Gamers actually love lights, especially the RGB lights that shine from their towers and accessories. That’s the reason why this Bluetooth speaker concept was created, designed to be a bragging point on your desk even when it’s not in use.

Designer: Jashojit Sengupta

Most commercial Bluetooth speakers today are designed to fit living spaces, looking more like pieces of furniture or decorations rather than audio devices. PC speakers, on the other hand, tend to look more utilitarian and industrial, designed to be heard but rarely seen. PC games don’t have it easy when it comes to choices in this regard because while their desktop towers and peripherals glow in different colors, their speakers often remain ironically silent in terms of visual pizzazz.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though, and the APEX speaker concept shows what could be if only someone had the audacity, no pun intended, to turn it into an actual product. The speaker incorporates various visual elements that are often associated with gamers, like RGB lighting and funky forms. The result is a speaker design that is out of this world, almost literally.

Named after the popular game “Apex Legends,” the speaker’s triangular shape immediately sets it apart from other speakers. It looks like a cross between an alien ship and a futuristic structure, images that fit perfectly with gaming titles and motifs. The RGB lighting definitely helps in giving it an otherworldly glow, but the nod to gaming doesn’t end there.

The minimalist control buttons on the front are embossed to give tactile feedback to fingers, similar to the way most buttons on gaming peripherals are designed. The control panel itself has its own lighting that matches the volume level of the speaker. This makes the lighting not just decorative but also informative.

Granted, speakers are designed to maximize audio output, and there might be some compromises in that department with an unconventional design such as this. Then again, we’ve seen our fair share of wacky speakers that actually sound great, so it might just be a matter of innovative technology or structure to actually pull off this futuristic-looking speaker.