Blooming Product is a speaker vase and a flower subscription service to beautify your home

Most of the time, I would like my speakers to look like actual speakers. But there are also times when I want them to be part of my living room decorations and not stand out so much. I’d want the smart speaker to still do what it needs to do like play music and answer my questions but also be either decorative or hidden in plain sight. This product concept can do both and maybe a bit more as it’s a speaker, a vase, and also gives you a flower subscription.

Designer: Yeongseok Go

The Blooming Product line is supposed to make ordinary things more important to us instead of being just forgotten or neglected even if they’re just there in front of us. The first in the concept product line is a vase that doubles as a speaker or a speaker that doubles as a vase, depending on how you look at it. It looks like a vase with a charging base and from the product renders, you can actually put water in it to keep flowers fresh. I don’t know how that will work in terms of water and electricity though.

What makes the concept of Blooming Product even more special is that it comes with a flower subscription service. This means that you’ll get fresh flowers every month or season so you’ll be able to replace the flowers in the speaker vase every once in a while. Just like with other subscription services, you won’t know what kind of flowers you’ll be receiving so every box that comes in will be a surprise which is good news for those that love surprises.

Since you’re getting fresh flowers every so often, this also means that you’ll be continuously “caring” for your speaker. Although if you use it often for listening to music or as a smart assistant, then you probably are not “neglecting” it anyway. But at least you get to empty the water out and then arrange the flowers that you receive to your liking and in the process, check on your speaker as well.

Design-wise, the vase speaker isn’t something extraordinary but it’s most likely the flowers that will give it the extra factor. I’m not that great when it comes to taking care of living things, including flowers, so I’m not sure if this is something I’d actually want. But for those with green thumbs or those that want to regularly have flowers in their home, then the Blooming Product may be something to appeal to you.