District Vision and New Balance team up to teach mindfulness, enhance running performance

To be mindful means to be more aware of your thoughts. It’s about being aware of your feelings and thoughts in response to the environment where you are at the moment. Life is about making the right choices, and they ought to be the best.

We’re not just talking about choices in fashion, consumer electronics, and mobile devices. Choices in life must be correct as they affect your happiness and wellbeing. But of course, the easiest way to show such characteristics is in the things that we use every day like clothes and footwear. So it’s not really just being stylish or fashionable but choosing items that are mindful of the person and his surroundings.

Designers: District Vision and New Balance

Sustainable fashion is already a known movement. From being eco-friendly, we now move to being mentally healthy which is a state that isn’t exactly easy to maintain. District Vision and New Balance have teamed up to push a unique partnership that will bring awareness and build a more mindful environment in the area of sports. Another goal is to educate people about mindfulness and explore the importance of movement and meditation.

The two brands’ first collaboration brings two brand-new DV + NB sneakers. Officially called District Vision X New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2, this silhouette is available in two colors: White and Black. District Vision is a relatively new company that is more of a running brand and wellness collective. It has released a line of eyewear that became popular. It’s now trying its luck in the footwear and apparel game, and the DV + NB FuelCell RC Elite v2 is one of the first releases.

District Vision has already teamed up with other sports brands, but this partnership with New Balance brings to light both brands’ commitment to sports, health, and fitness. The FuelCell RC Elite v2 is one of New Balance’s most popular silhouettes. The pair can inspire people to run, move, and finally get moving. With mindfulness being added to the equation, we see a collaboration that genuinely cares for people.

District Vision and New Balance are all about the empowerment of the people. Health is not just about physical movement but also mental well-being. When you want to run, you can be mindful by thinking that such activity isn’t just a temporary escape and can be part of your life.

As for the other products part of the collaboration, the collection includes lightweight activewear and apparel with designs hand-drawn by Filip Pagowski. The shoes are also available in contrasting colors, giving the two different looks and feel. The design is sleek and appears to be lightweight, perfect for road runners. Thanks to the full-length carbon fiber plate, the pair is also comfortable, which can increase energy return. The outsole rubber is also lightweight together with a mid-foot cut out, resulting in reduced weight.

Running does good for your mental health and wellness. This pair can probably inspire you to get running and then eventually learn to be more mindful. You may not be able to offer all-out performance initially, but the two brands’ collaborative effort will empower you.

The District Vision New Balance FuelCell RC Elite V2 running sneaker is now available. In addition, the collaboration includes other items like Anti-Fog Glass, Balaclava, Singlet, Men’s Long Sleeve, Sherpa Pullover, Sherpa Pants, Pack Jacket, and Split Shorts. The clothing offers are now listed for pre-order and will soon be out in key markets.

District Vision and New Balance also offer micro-courses that will help educate and increase mental health through running. You can learn mindfulness when you hear from the providers and teachers. You will discover inner peace, mindfulness, and the benefits of motion through sports as promised by District Vision.

District Vision does research and development for mindful athletes. As a result, the brand comes up with products that can enhance performance and are functional. DV believes athleticism and mental wellbeing are connected, so the approach is holistic. It has proven successful when it comes to sports eyewear for runners and is now extending the same effort to footwear and apparel. For footwear, it has teamed up with New Balance to deliver a pair that helps enhance running performance.

District Vision and New Balance aim to celebrate mindfulness in motion. The partnership goes beyond the products as there’s mental health involved. We’ll get to know about DV Tapes courses and the mindful athlete uniforms the combined forces are working on in the near future.