Aliya Hand Sanitiser Dispenser allows fast and automatic hygiene

The pandemic has definitely presented a lot of unique challenges. It has been two years since the dreaded virus started to affect the whole world. As a result, many people have formed habits like wearing facemasks, frequent handwashing, and for some, using alcohol or hand sanitizer.

Those habits may probably be part of our lives for a while and even after the pandemic. However, when it comes to hand sanitization, innovations have been introduced in ways we never imagined they would. One perfect example is the award-winning Aliya from Valentino Bianchi Studios. It’s a fully automatic bentwood sanitizer dispenser inspired by the Asian Elephant.

Designer: Valentino Bianchi

Aliya Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Usage

The Aliya can be a new staple in your life. Since your daily routine won’t be complete without hand sanitation, you may want to get something fun, quirky, and useful. This special hand sanitizer dispensing unit is aesthetically pleasing. It can be another conversation starter because of its unique design and purpose.

The fully automatic liquid hand sanitizer dispenser can be mounted on the wall. You can also place it on a table or stool in your living room for easy access. It’s a masterpiece that design enthusiasts like you and me will appreciate. The Aliya uses seasoned natural softwood bent to give the elephant trunk shape. The alcohol or sanitizer comes out of the “trunk” part after being stored inside the “belly.”

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Valentino Bianchi’s Aliya makes hand cleansing a delightful experience. It has become a chore, but there are ways to make things interesting. The hand sanitizer dispensing unit is a masterpiece you’d want to show off to family, friends, and guests. Doing things in style should be the norm now, so life will be a bit better and brighter.

The Aliya dispenses alcohol or hand sanitizer with a single button press. The trunk is where the sanitizer comes out, from the belly where the liquid material is contained. This thing is sustainable as it is made from old, upcycled materials. The result is a creative reuse of wood into something that is useful, functional, and beautiful at the same time.

Aliya Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Details

The Aliya features a light that turns white while in operation. It turns red when the bottle is empty. There are hangers within the aluminum frame for proper weight distribution. There’s also enough space to conceal or wall-mount the unit. The designer used bentwood curvature, as well as, an aluminum skeleton for additional strength. Inside, a reused refill bottle is found, while the interior lining boasts a great-looking finish.

Valentino Bianchi Studios Aliya Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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