NES-SY37 synth project by Love Hultén is inspired by the retro gaming console

Only real musicians can understand the beauty and benefits of synthesizers. Those who are not into music may only appreciate the cool sound effects when you press or play with the buttons. But if you are into electronic 80s or synth-pop music, you will love anything with synthesizers. Many may also be amazed at how a synth looks, especially if Love Hultén designs it.

There is a reason why this designer is always featured here. His creations always show retro-modern style and jaw-dropping craftsmanship. The last one we noted was the TE-LAB handcrafted sound machine. There was also that MIDI Synth designed in collaboration with digital artist Lirona. We remember a few memorable ones too like the EC1 modular synthesizer that can fold up and fit inside a slim wooden suitcase and the MDLR-37 foldable synthesizer that wowed us with its spring reverb and tape delay.

Designer: Love Hultén

Love Hulten NES-SY37 NES inspired Synth Project 2

The latest design is based on an old Nintendo Entertainment System, so this is another retro-modern creation. Officially called the NES-SY37, this is a conceptual synthesizer that will let you play synthesized music and old NES games. This thing accepts NES cartridges, and you can view the games on the 8-inch LCD screen with 800 x 600 resolution. You can control the game with the keys, but you can also use an old NES controller attached to the 7-pin port.

NES-SY37 NES inspired Synth Project Launch Love Hulten

The NES-SY37 is an NES-inspired synth project that pays homage to the old way of playing video games. Those who grew up playing NES will love this sound machine as it brings back memories of when we were young and carefree. It combines several components like an NES Poly Chiptune Synthesizer, real-time MIDI visualizer by p1xelfool, Twisted Electronics’ hapiNES L, and spring reverb.

The Swedish craftsman and audiovisual artist Love Hultén loves to capture the old and combine it with the new. When put into work, the results of his passion and talent are beautiful, unique projects that evoke feelings of nostalgia. One glance at this creation is enough for you to love Love Hulten once again.

NES-SY37 NES inspired Synth Project Information

The NES-SY37 is wooden with details based on the old gaming console. The red buttons and black D-pad are very NES-inspired. The synth part of this machine includes an 8-bit MIDI visualizer, a keyboard, NES Poly Chiptune Synthesizer, and a multi-track chip-tune synth. You can say this is more of a mod, but wow, it really is one quirky and awe-inspiring creation.

NES-SY37 NES inspired Synth Project Design

NES-SY37 NES inspired Synth Project Information

NES-SY37 NES inspired Synth Project Details