This credit card sized solar power bank comes with fast-charging and lets you plug in any device

Each hour, roughly 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun reach earth. Each HOUR. If humanity had the apparatus to capture and store just one day’s worth of that energy, it would practically offset the entire planet’s energy requirements for an entire year. The sad truth is that humanity just uses 0.01% of the solar energy we receive, and that’s something that can change only if solar panels became more affordable, commonplace, and convenient. Say hello to the Sunslice Photon, a product that ticks all those three boxes.

The Photon is, as its name suggests, highly compact. When folded down, the entire device is roughly the size of your wallet, and can slide easily into backpacks, purses, or even pockets. Open it out, however, and its 5 solar panels let you channel the energy of the sun into your devices. The Photon comes with 5 durable, weatherproof panels that capture solar energy no matter what the weather. Engineered to capture twice as much solar energy as conventional solar chargers of similar size, the solar panels found on the Photon come with high efficiency, highly optimized back-contact monocrystalline solar cells that help grab more energy, efficiently converting the harnessed light into electricity, and do it in a format that’s robust enough to last for years. All the energy that gets captured gets stored in the Photon’s 4000mAh power bank. The power bank comes with fast-charging and a multi-port 3-in-1 cable that lets you plug in any device, be it a smartphone, a pair of earbuds, or any other accessory you may have on you. Designed to be used when you don’t have a power outlet or socket in sight (aka the outdoors), the Photon even comes with a handy flashlight built right into the power-bank. Everything (including the cable) comes bundled into a nice fold-down case with a vegan leather exterior and secured shut using a magnetic enclosure.

If you’re looking for some more oomph than a 5-panel portable charger, the guys behind the Photon even developed the Zenith backpack, with nearly 3 times as many panels in terms of area covered. The Zenith Backpack is your regular go-to laptop bag, except its outer body comes fitted with Sunslice’s proprietary solar panels, covering the entire outer surface. The 8W solar panels can connect to any power bank of your choice on the inside (although there is an option of getting a 20,000mAh power bank with the backpack as an add-on accessory). Designed to be entirely waterproof and weatherproof, the Zenith backpack, just like the Photon, can be used practically anywhere, and can even be carried on flights as personal in-cabin luggage.

The Photon and Zenith are extremely handy when you don’t have a reliable power source around. Whether you’re at home during a power-cut, outdoors with no access to electricity, in a foreign land with no power-adapter to plug your charger into the socket, or if there simply isn’t a power outlet nearby, they let you tap into the biggest source of energy known to humankind. The solar-panels are weather and accident-proof, and both products come with a 2-year warranty to sweeten the deal. Plus, you know what the best part is about using solar panels to charge your phone? Never having to pay for electricity!

Designers: Henri Gernaey & Geoffroy Ghion

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Sunslice – The Smallest & Most Powerfund Solar Power Bank

Powered by Sunpower® technology, the Photon by Sunslice is a next-generation solar charger that includes more power and more storage, in the most portable format that exists. Its elegant eco-friendly faux-leather design makes it light, robust, shockproof, and water-resistant.

Tested in laboratory – On average 3 times faster in the sun than similar solar chargers, compatible with all devices, making it a perfect solar charger & power bank for iPhone, Android phones, GoPro, GPS, or any other electronic device.

The smallest solar charger ever created which unfolds into a large solar panel.

Sunpower® Technology

Over 3 years of research and development, they have created the smallest solar charger & solar power bank in the world. Their technology can store twice as much energy (up to 2 phone charges) more than their competitors, for the same volume and weight.

The team achieved this technological breakthrough by developing a strategic design and by miniaturizing and optimizing the control electronics for more storage, higher performance, and reduced power losses.

Photon Features & Benefits

Comes with a built-in flashlight.

As simple as plug & play.

The universal USB port allows the Photon to charge pretty much anything that can be charged with a USB port. The 3-in-1 cable already gives wide compatibility, but you can also use your own cable to charge other devices.

Charge your phone in about 3 hours thanks to the integrated fast charge 2.4 Amp battery technology.

Weather-resistant and robust. 

The best size-to-power ratio. With the rated power output among the best solar technologies on the market of its solar panels of 4 Watts, it exceeds the power output of much bigger solar chargers.

Designed to be small, portable and practical, the Photon is great for camping, cycling, hiking, or any urban activities to charge your phone and many other devices on the go.

Made from vegan leather. The Photon follows your tastes and integrates the fashion codes to fit your lifestyle and your outfit.

The Zenith Solar Backpack

The Zenith is a great solar backpack, and it integrates the best features that make a smart backpack: anti-theft backpack, a powerful solar panel, a laptop compartment, and a modernist backpack design.

The Sunslice Zenith is a lightweight, practical and stunning solar backpack designed to give you combined functionalities of a good daily-use modernist backpack and a powerful solar charger. It is perfect for daily use, going to work, on your bike, city trips, and outdoor escapades into the wild, making it one of the best backpacks for travel.

The bag’s frontal pocket contains the solar panel’s USB output, which charges a power bank that can be stored in a dedicated pocket. This power bank charges automatically when the Zenith is exposed to the sun, allowing you to use the stored solar power when you need it. The external USB port also provides a convenient power source outside the bag when you’re on the go.

The Zenith solar backpack is made with water-resistant fabric, and the solar panel is completely waterproof, so rain is nothing to worry about.

The flexible CIGS cells of the Zenith, developed in California, offer some of the best performance available on the market for flexible solar panels with 15% efficiency. They provide high power and robustness while remaining lightweight and integrating perfectly with the fabric.

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