The Oblivion Watch’s unique hybrid movement makes time look ‘linear’ again

Marvel will have you believe multiple timelines exist like railroads crossing each other and occasionally intertwining. The Oblivion AX-01 watch ditches the conventional notion that time should be represented as a cyclical concept. Instead, it puts time on a linear trajectory, letting you read both the time and the date in a single left-to-right glance.

With an undeniable Urwerk-inspired design aesthetic, the Oblivion AX-01 watch by Rajesh Sriram looks to uncomplicate the concept of ‘reading time’. Given that almost all cultures read from left to right, Sriram decided to just lay the time and date out in a straight line, letting you view your watch with ease. However, to retain the archetype of your average watch, the Oblivion AX-01 watch still has a circular body, creating a unique composition that even has two semi-circular hollow zones above and below the watch’s face. Pair that with a chunky visual aesthetic and an all-black design with just a hint of red and you’ve got a wristwatch that’s simple yet incredibly dynamic.

Designer: Rajesh Sriram

The Oblivion breaks the mold on wristwatch design in a lot of ways. For starters, its silhouette may look like your average wristwatch, but the Oblivion AX-01 is far from it in reality. There isn’t any official word on what sort of movement the watch uses, but its odometer-style watch-face is carefully built into a 3D watch body made from metal, with an outer lip that protects the watch from any accidental impact.  The face itself is covered by a curved glass piece and sealed within the watch’s 200M water-resistant body (although whether the markings on the watch are luminescent or not is yet to be determined). Finally, the Oblivion AX-01 is outfitted with a rubber bracelet that seamlessly integrates into the watch’s design, keeping its simple silhouette intact, but ensuring that the watch goes beyond the expectations of your average two-hand timepiece.