Three modules comprise this minimalist stainless steel furniture set to reveal hidden storage compartments

Non Square is a minimalist, stainless steel furniture set that combines side tables and stools within a simple, cubic structure.

These days, we are each looking for ways to save space without compromising our style. Providing the products to bring us there, designers aim to strike a balance somewhere between functionality and adaptability. At times, adaptability can be boiled down to a product’s multi-purpose operation or even its minimalist appearance.

Designers: Hyunjun Yu, Soojin Jung, Kyoungseo Park

Functionality typically stems from a product with a long shelf life and the ability to execute its primary purpose. Adding their design to the mix, Hyunjun Yu, Soojin Jung, Kyoungseo Park conceptualized Non Square, a furniture set that integrates side tables and stools within a stainless steel hexahedron structure.

Introducing Non Square, the team of designers explains that, “It [pursues] the beauty of irregularity within, as opposed to regularity on the outside.” From the outside, Non Square sports a minimalist, stainless steel appearance that seems like a nondescript side table dressed as a cube. A closer look and Non Square’s larger purpose is revealed.

Composed of staggered, asymmetrical internal storage compartments, Non Square disassembles into three modules that each carry their own function. The largest component, a spacious side table, makes room for users to set bulkier items atop, such as coffee table books, flower vases, and electrical appliances.

Then, a standalone rectangular storage module tucks beneath the tabletop’s surface into one of the L-shaped cavities formed by the main module’s legs. The final module maintains an irregular shape, combining the angular convenience of a triangle with the enclosed look of a cube. When combined together, the three pieces form a perfect cube and be configured so that the storage compartments are either turned inside or outside, to keep items hidden or within reach.