This e-trike maintains the stability of a three-wheeler, but can lean into corners with the ease of a two-wheeler

The Mean Lean Machine is an e-trike from the electric vehicle company Arcimoto that comes with three-wheel-direct-drive and world-class tilting technology.

The Oregon-based electric vehicle company Arcimoto has a mission to catalyze the shift from our current transportation system to a more sustainable one. In an effort to make this happen, the makers at Arcimoto boast a catalog of electric vehicles that are ultra-efficient and promise the right size and price.

While they’ve only released a few details, Arcimoto’s latest vehicle is enticing even in its early phases. The electric-leaning trike called Mean Lean Machine or MLM for short is making its rounds for its three-wheel direct-drive and world-class tilting technology.

Designer: Arcimoto

The exclusive release of minor details still shroud MLM in mystery, but the few details we have still manage to make the release worth its hype. Stocked with embedded technology that provides MLM with the best of both worlds, the e-trike offers the stability of a three-wheeled bike and the tilting capabilities of a two-wheeler.

No stranger to developing e-bikes with speeds upwards of 75 MPH and instant torque and acceleration, the MLM is similar to Arcimoto’s FUV, except MLM is paired with a set of pedals and a generator for drive by wire, offering speed control and stationary recharge. Fast charging is achieved through inverters and users can ride the e-trike in its stationary form while it’s charging in the same way users ride a Peloton.

Committed to a future of sustainable transportation, the designers behind MLM also made sure to develop the e-trike is as small a carbon footprint as possible. Speaking to this, Arcimoto founder and CEO Mark Frohnmayer describes, “The Mean Lean Machine reflects Arcimoto’s commitment to [pushing] the envelope of sustainable mobility. We started with the amazing three-wheel tilting technology developed by our Tilting Motor Works division and then packed the MLM with new cutting-edge electric vehicle features, including hub motors on all three corners and a pedal generator, in order to deliver a joyful experience unlike any other in the e-bike category.”