This USB Hub concept brings a literal docking station to your desk

A lot of products these days extol the virtues of minimalist design, but one computer accessory idea goes the opposite direction to turn your workstation into a miniature battle station.

The number of devices we’ve become dependent on has grown considerably in the past few years. Ironically, the number of ports we can use to connect these with our computers has actually gone down. Some laptops, for example, have reduced those connectivity options to two USB ports, one of which might even be the only way to charge the portable computer. This has given rise to an innumerable number of so-called USB hubs and docks, most of which try to blend into the background. One concept, however, throws that convention out the window and tries to give science and science-fiction fans something to drool over.

Designer: Junwan Woo

“Docking station” isn’t a new term, but its meaning really depends on the context. For computer users, this often refers to accessories that expand the number of ports you can use. For space enthusiasts and sci-fans, it’s often a place where spaceships find their temporary home. In both cases, the docking station is almost like a metaphor for new experiences, and this hub, simply called “Docking,” puts a literal spin on that.

Instead of the small and nondescript USB docks that litter stores these days, the Docking station is bigger than what its function requires. It only has three full-sized USB ports, for example. Smaller hubs and docks than these also have room for HDMI ports, Ethernet ports, and more. Then again, as a concept, the implementation can be expanded as long as they don’t detract from the main design.

That design is, of course, a miniature docking station for USB drives in the shape of miniature ships. Although the ships look generic, the weathered white exterior of the station and orange accents are almost reminiscent of Rebellion colors in Star Wars. And as with any other Star Wars technology, the design looks both futuristic and retro at the same time.

The USB thumb drives themselves don’t seem to have anything special about them. Each USB port, however, lights up when something is inserted inside, a redundant indicator that still fits perfectly with the theme. Unfortunately, putting any other USB with a different design breaks the illusion, but the dock itself is already something worth talking about on its own.

It’s also going to take up a lot of desk space, but you wouldn’t be buying something like this just to keep your workstation looking tidy and clean. It’s a rather ingenious idea that mashes together two different interpretations of the same term, and it’s one of those concepts we wished actually got turned into a product you can buy.