At The Same Time concept body dryer hastens drying time in public bathrooms

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Public bathhouses have long been a tradition in several cultures. Not many people who haven’t gone inside may understand its purpose but for those who know its significance, they may be thinking of ways on how to improve things around.

In modern times, there are public facilities and bathrooms found in gyms or swimming pools. People share a common bath area to clean and freshen up after working out or swimming. One of the more common problems is drying their bodies. While towels are created for such purposes, they may not be enough. Hairdryers may help but they also won’t be enough.

Designers: Designer Dot, Hayeong Lee

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That is why body dryers are needed. Every part of the human body must be dry before wearing clean clothes and going out. This lessens moisture from the body to prevent any growth or reproduction of any germs or bacteria that may still be present in the body. As the skin is our first line of defense, it is important that it is kept clean and healthy. It can be done if the body is dry. Well, not the kind of dry that is bad to the skin—just dry after bathing. As you know, the skin still needs to be properly moisturized as it helps maintain radiant skin.

At the Same Time Dryer Concept Images

The problem of body drying can be solved with this concept dryer by South Korean Hayeong Lee. The ‘At the Same Time Body Dryer’ is an attempt to make public bath facilities more convenient, efficient, and fast. Speedy bathing and drying are possible with this concept body dryer as more can dry off at the same time.

The name alone tells us its unique selling point. The round square shape of the dryer allows four persons to stand and be dried off. The four parts are separated by an opaque transition that offers privacy. They may be facing each other but private parts are still covered.

At the Same Time Design

The footrest in whole features concentric circles that provide a softer surface for the feet. The footrest is divided into four equal parts and each part can be removed for cleaning. The water doesn’t stay on the footrest as it drips.

At the Same Time

At the Same Time Details

Air volume can be set in three stages: 1,2, and 3. The wind temperature can be cool wind or warm wind. Depending on the strength of the air volume, the color indicator will change. To dry the entire body quickly, there are 16 fine holes where the air will come out, targetting different parts of the body including the armpits and lower body.

At the Same Time Dryer Concept

The dryer features air inlets. Each part has an air inlet to suck in air. The wind is then blown out through the air hole to finally dry the body. The At the Same Time Body Dryer also comes with four transparent screens. In the middle are a supporting pillar and a pillar cap. The screens’ opacity is created by a vertical pattern so you can’t be seen by the other people standing on the dryer.

At the Same Time Dryer Design

At the Same Time Dryer Concept Illustration

At the Same Time Dryer Details

At the Same Time Dryer Concept Details

At the Same Time Dryer Concept

At the Same Time Dryer Concept Design

At the Same Time Dryer Concept Sketch