You’ll Never Buy Another Bag Again – The Atlas Urban Messenger Was Designed for Work, Play, and Everything In Between

With a layout that carefully curates and organizes every single one of your belongings, the Atlas Urban Messenger from Faire Collective is quite the all-rounder. It fits everything from a 13-inch laptop to your spectacles, giving every object you own its dedicated spot so you always know where everything is. It also helps that the bag boasts an incredibly stylish exterior crafted from top-grain cowhide, and is designed to go with any attire, for any occasion, and at any time of the day.

Whether you’re traveling to work, a business meeting, an executive trip, or just heading down to the cafe to be productive while you sip your cappuccino, the Atlas Urban Messenger has you covered.

Designer: Faire Collective

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Styled in evergreen black and edgy navy blue variants, the Atlas Urban Messenger boasts a compact design with a simple woven strap that lets you carry the bag around wherever you go. The messenger bag is large enough to comfortably fit a 13-inch laptop, along with its trimmings, like a mouse, charger, USB cables, and other necessary carry-ons like your phone, wallet, business card, notebook, stationery, and even a built-in draw-string compartment for a water bottle or an umbrella.

The bag’s outer flap has a magnetic closure, which when opened, reveals the Atlas’ main compartment where you’d store bigger belongings like your laptop, tablet, large notebooks, headphones, or your water bottle/umbrella. A hidden zipper on the inside lets you keep important documents or other slim belongings. A zippered enclosure on the front of the bag reveals the Atlas’ attention to detail in the form of dedicated storage areas for all your valuable belongings. Two slots let you store pens, while wider pockets let you store your phone, a mouse, a power bank, or a hard drive. A business card holder on the flap lets you stash cards away for easy access, and two tab organizers let you easily secure things like cables, spectacles, keys, or wired earphones without having them move around in your bag and collide with other objects.

Magnetic flaps on the front and back let you stash away other items like chargers, EDC, and other items you may need to access quickly like your passport, boarding pass/tickets, sunglasses, AirPods, etc. While the bag’s made entirely from top-grain cowhide leather, the interiors are lined with polyester and microfiber to protect your gadgets from scratches and scuffs.

The Atlas combines fashion with function in a way that offers zero compromises. The bag’s compact, lightweight, well-compartmentalized, and spacious, while simultaneously being incredibly stylish and sturdy. The Atlas Urban Messenger was designed to be dependable, and the kind of bag you’d use to carry your life around every day, everywhere. Each bag comes with a 12-year warranty, and the Faire Collective also makes wallets and laptop/tablet sleeves that perfectly match the Atlas’ evergreen, haute aesthetic.

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