Dubai’s Museum of the Future will let you see the future and discover new worlds

Museum of the Future Dubai

Museums are a great way to spend time with people. They not only provide a smart and effective way of learning but they can also inspire ideas and experiences. In Dubai, a new one-of-a-kind museum has opened up that can let you explore many possibilities one can only previously imagine.

The Museum of the Future is a fitting name for this new museum that allows visitors to see and experience the future. It’s like stepping into a new dimension or for others, time travel to a few decades ahead where innovation, creativity, and functionality meet. The whole museum offers a delightful and almost otherworldly experience in this day when we’re about to enter the era of metaverses, audio and augmented realities, AI, and the like.

Designer: Killa Design

Museum of the Future Exhibit

At the Museum of the Future, you can do a lot of things. You can inhabit the skies aboard the OSS Hope as it transports you to a space state 600 kilometers above the earth. Discover new worlds where the Pioneers live and work with the goal of learning, discovering, and inventing new things for people on Earth.

Witness the wonders of nature and visit a digital version of the Amazon rainforest. A mixed reality recreation of the rainforest lets you see observe details and meet the hundreds of species you don’t normally see. Feel free to explore the vault of life and a DNA library featuring thousands of species.

Museum of the Future Vault of Life DNA

You’ll never run out of things to do at this museum. Revive your senses at a sanctuary for the human senses and disconnect from the world and technology for a while. After a visit to this museum, you will see yourself, other people, and the world with new eyes. All these will help transform your mind that will enable you to shape and introduce development to your communities.

The Museum of the Future offers opportunities to experience the future of many areas in our life including living, space travel, ecology, and even climate change. You can also check out what could be the future for our spirituality, health, and wellness. Being inside this museum will definitely do wonders for your soul.

Museum of the Future Design

The Museum of the Future is aimed to be another dynamic and expressive landmark in Dubai. It was designed by Killa Design, a local studio that is dedicated to designing innovative buildings that are environmentally sustainable and contextually inspired. The design firm’s creations are timeless and innovative as exhibited by the Museum of the Future.

This Museum of the Future features three main areas: the building, the void, and the green hill. The latter represents the earth and reminds us of our roots that shouldn’t be forgotten. It was meant to further elevate the building and bring it above the Dubai metro line. This greenery is something visitors will enjoy as they engage with the Musem.

Museum of the Future

The building is shaped like an elongated ring. It represents mankind, showing creativity and strength amidst a vast urban landscape. The surface of the building shows Arabic calligraphy about the future. The elliptical void in the middle symbolizes innovation. It’s an empty space that can inspire people, not just the creators, innovators, and inventors, to look forward to the future.

Museum of the Future Hours

Definitely, the Museum of the Future will be another addition to the numerous innovative landmarks in Dubai. It’s one sustainable creation with its LEED Platinum status. The torus-shaped building is 17,000m2 and is constructed with BIM (Building Information Modeling) at every stage.

Killa Design explained how the low carbon civic building is achieved. The group applied several innovations from a parametric design to integrated renewables to low-water engineering and low-energy solutions. The result is a 78-meter high building set in a 3-story podium. The building features one administration floor and six exhibition floors. There is also an auditorium, an F&B deck, plus spaces for retail and parking.

Museum of the Future Launch

The Museum of the Future is all about design and innovation. It will soon be an ultimate mecca for creatives, researchers, designers, and inventors. Scientists and entrepreneurs are also welcome to the Museum to get inspired and be empowered. It’s also for everyone who wants to see and live a better future. Going to the Museum of the Future will definitely evoke feelings of hope in this pandemic world.

Museum of the Future Opening

Museum of the Future Interior Design