Unique tweezer design uses springs to let you easily, painlessly, and safely remove ear hair

Designed to work partly like a pair of tweezers, but also like a tiny epilator that easily grabs and plucks hair, the Nikken Tweezer is so easy to use that you can use it by yourself without any assistance.

The unique pair of tweezers work safely, eliminating the need to go to a hairdresser, or take a pair of scissors to try and groom yourself on your own. They’re easy to operate, and work equally well with ear or nose hairs. Unlike scissors, which are incredibly unsafe when used by yourself, or regular tweezers, which are great at plucking hair that you see, but hard when it’s hair you can’t see, Nikken’s Ear Hair Tweezers sport a key difference. The tweezer’s ends have a tiny spring in between that grabs onto any hair that gets caught in the spring’s spirals, letting you easily grasp multiple small hairs and pull them at once.


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On the left: Common tweezers catch hair with one side. On the right: NIKKEN catches ear hair by multiple sides of springs.

The use of a spring is an incredibly clever design detail as it maximizes your gripping area, compared to a regular tweezer. The spring’s spiral shape works in 360°, catching multiple hairs at the same time to do a much more efficient job. Besides, the spring used in Nikken’s tweezers isn’t just a regular spring. Unlike your average spring that sports a round cross-section, Nikken’s spring has a square cross-section, allowing it to hold hairs tighter so they don’t slip out of the tweezer’s grip while pulling. In theory, the tweezers work equally well with tiny hairs in the nose as well as with eyebrow hair too.

The Nikken Tweezer’s design goes further to facilitate easy and safe use. It comes with blunt, rounded ends that are safer against skin, and to ensure that there’s no stray metal edge pointing out, the spring’s spot-welded to the tweezer, giving it a clean, smooth finish around the welding spots. The entire tweezer is also made from stainless steel, ensuring it doesn’t ever catch rust or lose its finish. Using the Nikken Tweezers is easy, intuitive, and faster than using regular tweezers or a scissor, and is much more painless than waxing your ear hair out like in those weirdly viral Instagram and Tik-Tok videos. Once you’re done, the tweezers can easily be cleaned with water and soap, or even sterilized in a pot of hot water before it’s ready to be used again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $19 $26 (30% off). Hurry, only 135/150 left!