This AirTag Holder is also a nifty, versatile 7-in-1 EDC multitool

A multitool match made in heaven.

Most AirTag holders don’t make claims of also being able to hold your keys, open bottles, dock your smartphone, or maneuver hex bolts… the Atech Innovation AirTag Holder does. Crafted from solid stainless steel (with an ABS plastic enclosure for the AirTag), this nifty little multitool from Atech gives you seven features in its compact design. Shaped like a carabiner, the multitool has an enclosure that lets you dock a single AirTag, giving you a piece of EDC you can track easily using your Apple devices. A hole in the top lets you secure a keychain to your AirTag Holder, and cleverly oriented design details let you open screws and bottles, as well as use your AirTag Holder as a stand for your smartphone.

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The AirTag holder comes with a flat-ish design that’s stamped out of a sheet of stainless steel. A cutout lets you comfortably place your AirTag within the metal frame and two ABS plastic discs hold the tracking device in place without causing any interference in its signal. A built-in carabiner clip lets you fasten your AirTag Holder to pretty much anything, from your pant’s belt loop to your backpack, and a keychain hole lets you add keys to your multitool.

The AirTag Holder’s 7-in-1 design is a mixed bag of features, although the one you’re most likely to use (after the carabiner and keychain) is the bottle opener. Right below it also sits a rectangular slot that lets you prop your smartphone up, turning your multitool into a rather makeshift phone stand. You can’t really control what angle your phone will stand at, and it’ll depend mostly on how slim your smartphone is, and whether it has a case or not. The rectangular notch also works as a 12mm hex driver, while the AirTag Holder also comes with two more dedicated hex drivers (5.5mm and 1/4H).

The Atech Innovation AirTag Holder comes in black and white variants, and ships with a 1-year warranty (extendable to 3 years upon registration). While the AirTag Holder isn’t the most power-packed multitool we’ve featured on the site, its most obvious benefit is the fact that you can attach the world’s most advanced consumer-grade tracking device to it, so you never lose your multitool (or by extension, your keys). The Atech Innovation AirTag Holder doesn’t ship with an AirTag, just FYI. You’ll still have to buy one separately.

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