LG Modular Spinner speaker brings spatial audio to your home entertainment system for realistic gaming

The LG Module Spinner 1.3 is a modular gaming speaker that brings spatial audio to your household entertainment systems.

Spatial audio is literally a game-changer. When used for gaming, spatial audio makes everything feel a whole lot more realistic. Quest missions that take you down long, dark corridors become that much more ominous when every little sound is intensified and coming at you from every corner.

Designers: Cheolhee Lee, Taewoo Gil, and Gabin Park

It’s hard to not feel each and every gory detail of bloody sword duels when spatial audio is making every metallic slash and swish feel like you’re on the battlefield yourself. Bringing the joy of spatial audio to our living room entertainment systems, a team of creatives used the design language of LG to conceptualize their LG Module Spinner 1.3.

Described as a gaming speaker by the team of designers, LG Module SPinner 1.3, “maximizes three-dimensional sound by placing three modular speakers in the room and at the same time provides different sounds depending on the person in the user’s various game environments,” as the designers describe.

When playing video games, all of the sounds of a given environment are compressed into one output that often feels jumbled and overstimulating. Spatial audio differentiates each sound by separating first-person from third-person audio and staggering their delivery for an oscillating effect.

The speakers that comprise the LG Module Spinner 1.3 can be scattered throughout any room or home so that users can control how they receive the audio, making their gaming environment feel more realistic. Designed to adapt to different gaming products, the LG Module Spinner 1.3 hosts a PUI (physical user interface) that’s intuitive and located in an easy-to-reach area on the speaker.