This collection of tiny homes uses clean construction to build sustainable, small-footprint prefab residences

Hewing Haus is a prefabricated tiny home company that uses clean construction to build small-footprint tiny homes from sustainable materials.

As our cities face urbanization and densification, residents are leaving the crowds and heading to the country. Providing the functionality and versatility that ex-urbanites are looking for, prefabricated tiny homes run the gamut to provide all that one might need to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Designer: Hewing Haus

Responding to the demand for additional residences across global cities, the tiny home builders with Hewing Haus “leverage clean construction to build beautiful, small-footprint dwellings with the world’s strongest and most sustainable materials.”

Four basic units comprise Hewing Haus’ prefabricated tiny home catalog, ranging in size from 200sqf to 600sqf. Expanding on their commitment to sustainability, Hewing Haus constructs their tiny homes form cross-laminated timber (CLT), large-scale, prefabricated, solid engineered wood panels that “sequesters carbon making constructions fast, quiet and less costly,” as Hewing Haus builders describe.

Each residence as part of the Hewing Haus collection is modular by design, allowing residents to combines houses together to create larger interior spaces. The interior layout of Hewing Haus is also carefully planned out to optimize floor space and maximize living, helping residents feel like their homes are much larger than their parameters might suggest.

Depending on the size of the tiny home, the interior layout will change only slightly. Taking the smallest, 200sqf model as the general marker, residents can enter Hewing Haus from the exterior deck that traces the entire length of the home’s rear.

Connected to the spacious living room are a small kitchen and an enclosed bedroom if a larger model is chosen. On the other side of the house, residents can enjoy a bathroom with a full shower. While the layouts change with each model’s size, the larger they get, the more amenities are integrated into the build.

Like most tiny homes on the market today, Hewing Haus also comes with the option of off-grid living, equipping the home with full solar solution, a wood stove, propane stove, composting toilet, roof water collection, and an additional generator. Additionally, each model comes with Highly efficient European tilt and turn windows, sustainable exterior insulation, and electric heating capabilities.

Warm CLT panels merge with the natural sunlight to create bright interiors. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows dissolve the barrier between outdoor and interior spaces. 

Hewing Haus furnishes the home with multifunctional furniture, like a sofa that transforms into a bed. 

The exterior deck traces the entire length of Hewing Haus’ rear side. 

The bathroom comes with a composting toilet and shower.