This Supreme One-Handed Editing Camera is all you need for your subculture activities

Concept Design Supreme One-handed Editing Camera

Supreme is one of the leading streetwear brands in the world today. Its style may not appeal to everyone but it is no doubt a well-known name even if the products are so expensive. The premium price, they say, is because of rarity and originality, plus the interesting collaborations it has with other popular fashion brands.

If you buy anything from Supreme, you’re cool—or so what many fans say. For others, they think the brand is overrated. It doesn’t matter what people think now if this Supreme One-handed Editing Camera becomes a reality.

Designer: Gunwoo Park

Supreme One-handed Editing Camera Render

A concept design by Gunwoo Park, this Supreme camera can be the ultimate compact camera for the free-spirited ones who like the outdoors. It’s not really a rugged digital camera but it’s designed for those into subculture activities like hip-hop or skateboarding. This group of people usually prefer capturing moving images as they are more active and creative.

Supreme One-handed Editing Camera Image

The Supreme camera allows you to record a moment while editing images with just one hand. It’s like holding a smartphone in one hand but the camera part is more powerful. The designer was aiming for a very compact gadget that can work as an action camera and an editing machine.

The design takes inspiration from the past decades, more notably the 90s. It’s heavily influenced by the Walkman and the early digicams with all the buttons. This one actually reminds me of the Flip Mino Video Camera Recorder from mid-2000s.

Supreme One-handed Editing Camera

Concept Supreme One-handed Editing Camera Design

Supreme-inspired Camera Design

The retro-style Supreme Camera looks neat and smooth. We see four color options from red to white, purple, and black. It’s about the same size as a regular smartphone so it perfectly fits one hand, allowing you to work on images or videos quickly. The lens occupies about a third of the front while the signature red Supreme logo sits on the other end. Near the lens is an LED flash. At the top edge, we see four lights that could be showing the battery level.

Deisgn Concept Supreme One-handed Editing Camera

One side of the camera is curved while the other edge where five media buttons (Record/Play/Forward/Next/Zoom) are slightly recessed is flat. At the bottom, there is a slot for the memory card and battery. On the rear, a huge screen is present. We doubt it is touchscreen because there are physical buttons underneath to access the Menu, clock or timer, exposure, flash, and delete.

Supreme One-handed Editing Camera Design

The simple retro style is combined with the right choice of materials such as plastic, metal, and silicone. The main body appears to have a metal finish while the buttons are made of plastic. The silicone part could be for the Supreme tag that hangs from one corner. Use the tag to keep the device safe and secure in your hand.

Supreme One-handed Editing Camera Image

Supreme One-handed Editing Camera Design Concept