This Bluetooth speaker finds a simple design and portability by combining two geometric shapes

This Bluetooth speaker finds simplicity and portability through the structural combination of geometric shapes.

Modern tech design is all about simplicity while providing the ultimate functionality. We care most about saving space and multifunctionality while getting the most out of our products. Then, portability also comes into play considering the modern trend towards a more mobile lifestyle and remote work culture.

Designer: Lidia Gómez

Industrial designer and mechanical engineer Lidia Gómez looked first to geometric shapes to combine simple design with portability. Combining a circle with a cone, Gómez found a unique silhouette for her portable, Bluetooth speaker.

As our lifestyles become more mobile, our appliances not only have to fit into our living room, but they have to be able to withstand the great outdoors. That’s not to say we’re bringing our home appliances whitewater rafting, but a certain degree of durability is needed for portable designs. The two shapes that comprise Gómez’s Bluetooth speaker were chosen for their mutability between indoor and outdoor spaces, between stationary and portable modes.

When playing music in stationary mode, the wooden cone functions as the round speaker’s charging basin and decorative platform. The speaker’s control panel can be found along the bottom of the cone’s wider half. There, users can find an on/off button, as well as two volume controls. When attached, the Bluetooth speaker functions as a decorative piece. Then, when users would like to bring Gómez’s Bluetooth speaker out for a spin, the round speaker can be removed from its base for wireless play.