This e-bike’s humongous rear wheel gives it a self balancing, Tron-inspired vibe!

This e-bike hits all the right notes when we talk of looks, the aesthetic balance of design, and the speedy character of a future that demands increased adrenaline-fueled rides.

This e-bike concept differentiates by merging a more rounded/not-so-edgy (finally a non-Cybertruck inspired idea) with the neon glow of the Tron universe we love. The e-bike concept designed by BaoPham Design is eye-candy for all the right reasons, and our favorite is the humongous tires, providing a contact patch so wide, it could do without the side stands and act as a self-standing bike.

Just imagine this two-wheeler in a sci-fi flick, as the protagonist rides it to the badlands to seek revenge from the evil scientist-turned villain. Sounds like a plot you love? The purple hues of the e-bike provide a mysterious element that is supported by the black and white contrasting sides of the e-bike.

The e-bike’s front provides a sleek aerodynamic shape, giving the e-bike the ability to glide through the air resistance at high speeds. Layered body structure and a balanced frame give this e-bike a definitive style quotient that will turn heads wherever you go.

A single reinforced suspension makes this e-bike glide smoothly on the bumpy streets. The e-bike’s rear gives a complete contrast to the front – with the front sporting a curved faring whereas the rear comes with a flat, covered swing arm. The e-bike’s handlebars are also a straight design, making it easier to hold onto while riding.

3D modeled in Shapr3D and rendered in Keyshot, the designer matches the glossy paint job with a brush of white on the defining contours of the two-wheeler. The low-slung riding position means the e-bike is built for speed, and with fat tires to keep you steady, this e-bike is one for the thrill-seekers!

Designer: BaoPham Design