This Dyson-inspired compact electric heater uses a smart app so you can heat your home from anywhere

Ember is a compact electric heater with integrated smart features that allow you to heat your home from anywhere.

The groundhog said six weeks more weeks of winter, so better go get your heater. We’re in it for the long haul. Depending on where you live, having a heater might not feel essential, but it certainly comes in handy. Especially with the way things are going with the weather these days, a freak temperature drop is even possible in Florida. Lest we forget, it snowed in Texas just last year. Downsizing a highly technical heater to its most compact size, Koleda released Ember, an electric heater with integrated smart features that make heating your home as easy as changing the channel.

Designer: Koleda

Spurred by the recent trend toward midcentury-modern design styles, Koleda designed Ember to be subtly elegant with a bronze velodrome-style trim and stainless steel grille. The tastefully subdued appeal of Ember allows it to fit into any living area, from a boho minimalist-style bedroom to a living room filled with Bauhaus aesthetics. The versatile nature of Ember even moves past its looks to pack a lot of punch into such a compact build. Equipped with a heating capacity of 1’200 Watts, Ember can heat up to 215 feet with ease. Inside Ember’s cylindrical center, a ceramic heating element kickstarts the job by evenly distributing instant heat via a silent and powerful built-in fan.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of Ember is its accompanying smartphone app that allows users to control their home heating from anywhere. Based on how many Ember heating fans you have in your home, an in-app feature called Smart Zoning allows users to adjust comfort levels on a room-by-room basis, wasting less energy in the process. Remote Access allows users to heat their homes before they arrive so a cold home will be a distant memory. Then, Real-Time Cost Monitoring and Smart Scheduling helps users stay on top of their bills and optimize the heating schedule of their Ember devices.

In-app “Smart Zoning” feature

In-app “Smart Scheduling” feature

In-app “Remote Access” feature

In-app “Real-Time Cost Monitoring” feature