See-through Harman Kardon record player is a fashionable audio accessory for modern living room

A transparent Harman Kardon record player – as irresistible as the prospect sounds – it looks and functions too. Seems to have landed straight out of a Star Wars franchise, this audio equipment is a dream accessory for audiophiles who want zero compromises on style and the unique proposition of a see-through product for their living room.

True to its luxury quotient, the high-end Hi-Fi brand is known for its balanced soundscape, perfect for audiophiles who appreciate punchy lows, sublime mids and ear-pleasing highs. And when it comes down to a record player that’s just one thing your living room or geeky den was missing, this turntable is it. A futuristic, minimal and modern approach towards a record player capable of outshining any eye-popping accessory in your nest. The Harman Kardon turntable designed by URUSS Design carries a distinct retro-futuristic flair and unique form factor to keep music lovers more than interested.

Just look at those internals inside a crystal-clear housing that encapsulates the mechanics of the record player in the most majestic manner. It’s like a celebration of the timeless record player era and the untouchable art of creating music. This piece of rare beauty stands in a corner on an equally impressive tripod – instantly attracting onlookers with a profound magnetism. For an instance, I too got drawn to the charismatic design of this record player that is in a league of its own. As the music plays, the record spinning inside is visible as elegantly as one could ever imagine!

This is one practical product design deserving to go beyond the concept stage, and make it to the real world someday. A turntable that adds true value to the art of composing music, and appreciating it in the grandest style. Yes, a Harman Kardon Turntable is something that’s got my feel-good hormones set into overdrive!

Designer: URUSS Design