A green roof helps this villa in Norway to blend in with the surrounding countryside

Villa Aa is a countryside residence in Norway built with a green roof to be in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The style of organic architecture looks no further than the land for inspiration. In an effort to not disrupt the preexisting landscape, organic architecture forms homes that move in harmony with nature, not against it. Norway architecture firm C.F. Møller recently finished work on their latest organic architecture undertaking, Villa Aa.

Designer: C.F. Møller

Invisible from far distances, Villa Aa retreats into the sloping hillside with help from a green roof that follows the natural topography surrounding the residence. Located in a protected countryside near Oslo Fjord, Villa Aa is a residence built to adapt to changing land regulations so future generations can still the countryside home.

Designed to be an office as well as a home, Villa Aa’s interior rooms seamlessly transition between garden courtyards and office areas, informal and formal living spaces. Looking at Villa Aa from its rear exterior deck, entire glass facades are created with sliding glass doors that dissolve the barrier between the outdoors and interior spaces. From there, residents enjoy unfettered views of Oslo Fjord, connecting the home to its larger environment.

Also facing the home’s outdoor spaces, a formal living room, kitchen, and three main bedrooms are blended into the villa’s layout. Then, an office space, a family living room, bathrooms, and smaller reception areas make up the other end of the home. Throughout the residence, rooms sharing the same axis feature overhead skylights that merge with Villa Aa’s green roof.

Acting as the home’s upper terrace, the green roof artfully conceals the home’s concrete facades, which trace the entirety of the home’s rear, outdoor spaces. The concrete merges with steel columns and girders that stand in contrast to the home’s warmer, rustic interior made from varnished and smoked cedarwood. Used for the villa’s walls, floors, terraces, stairwells, and exterior steps, concrete gives rise to the backyard’s pool area that merges with the interior concrete flooring.

The villa’s exterior concrete living spaces blend seamlessly into the interior’s concrete flooring. 

Villa Aa’s green roof conceals the home from a distance. 

From the exterior deck, residents can enjoy unfettered views of the Oslo Fjord.