Shapeshifting EDC Pen + Stylus is easily the most versatile writing instrument you can own

Whether you’re writing on physical or digital surfaces, the Transforming Pen & Stylus has you sorted. Its compact, magnetic design lets you immediately shift between pen and capacitive stylus modes, simply by separating the writing module from its body, flipping it around, and snapping it back in place. For added appeal, the entire device is made from a hefty, weighty stainless steel that feels great to hold onto, while a Titanium Nitride coating on the entire pen gives it a protective layer that not only prevents scratches but also makes it anti-bacterial.

Designer: Smart & Savior Designs

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A uniquely versatile writing tool, the Transforming Pen & Stylus can be used and carried in a variety of ways. In its smallest avatar, the entire instrument measures just 75mm or under 3-inches in length, and when expanded, becomes a 115mm-long instrument that you can comfortably and effectively write with. The entire Transforming Pen & Stylus is made up of 3 machined metal parts that can easily be disassembled for maintenance, along with a replaceable ballpoint refill and a fiber tip stylus that can be replaced too. On the other end of the writing instrument is a nifty hole that lets you hook your transforming pen to a keychain or a carabiner, giving it true EDC status by allowing you to carry it anywhere simply by hooking it onto your backpack or fixing it into your keychain.

To retain its compact form factor, the Transforming Pen houses a small D1 refill on the inside and accepts a variety of brands including Lamy, Scrikss, Shneider, Steel Pen, and Kaweco. The stylus, on the other hand, works on almost all modern touchscreens, letting you do everything from write notes on your phone, annotate documents on your tablet, sign on POS systems, and even use on ATM displays so you don’t have to touch foreign surfaces with your fingers.

An internal magnetic system lets you easily alternate between pen and stylus modes. To make the switch, just gently pull the writing module out of its housing and flip it over. The magnetic interaction allows it to snap back in place with a satisfying click, eliminating the need for screw-type fixtures, clipping mechanisms, or press-fit rubber gaskets. The interaction is simple and frankly has a wonderful tactile joy to it that’s comparable to a fidget toy!

The Transforming Pen & Stylus come together as a 2-in-1 EDC writing device, although you can buy just the Transforming Pen without the stylus module if you’re more of a ‘penthusiast’. You’ve got color options too, including silver, gold, rose gold, and black, and an optional color-matching carabiner that lets you carry your shape-shifting EDC wherever you go! The Transforming Pen & Stylus starts at $59 (you can grab just the pen for $49) and begins shipping in April 2022.

Click here to Buy Now: $59.