This multipurpose TV with smartphone wireless charging pad has a rollable screen concealing high-end speakers

Modern-day televisions have evolved into rollable form factors on the high end of the spectrum but the utilitarian aspect of the big screen has mostly been ignored. That leaves space for concept designs like the SOUROND to shine through.

The display is specifically created for individuals residing in compact apartments. Its sleek form consists of a roll-up screen, audio system, base and charging capabilities. All these are targeted at reducing users’ space needs while enhancing user-friendliness.

Designer: SHS Shih

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This innovative form combines the function of television, audio and charging into a slim and space-saving design. The result, a multi-functional solution that not only saves space but also meets the varying needs of modern dwellers. SOUROND boasts a screwless aesthetic design making the installation very easy without compromising the integrity of the wall surface. This results in a versatile design that provides seamless flexibility for various setup options like wall-mounting or placing on the tabletop stand.

The base of the modern display has an in-built wireless charging function to charge all the power-hungry gadgets. The most interesting feature of the display is its roll-up screen that reveals the internal speakers underneath to enjoy music and podcasts. The array of 6 speakers concealed under the mesh surface beam rich audio for music lovers, hence, adding to the utility.

The only downside of the current proposed concept design is the lack of support for big screens that only fit a 32-inch screen. It is mostly aimed at users who like to add a multifunctional TV to their setup sans any wire clutter. That said, we would love to see a minimum of 55-inch screen setup with this multiple functionality, it ever this concept is materialized.